So I got a call from FirstSource Advantage one day that my credit card account had been sent to them for collection of a 200 dollar bill I hadn”t been able to pay due to some personal issues (pregnancy and losing my job because of it). So I started telling them how I couldn”t pay at that time… They threatened me a few times that if I didn”t pay charges would be pressed and I would go to jail. Knowing that that was just a hoax and a scare tactic I began looking for a job just to get them off of my back! So I finally found a job… I was only hired to work like 6 hours a week cleaning a furniture store. So I called them back and had the money to pay the offer that they gave me (55 dollars a month for 3 months and then I would be done) Well he also said he would check up every month to make sure I had the money in my bank account for him to take out… Well the first month I gave them my account number and authorized a check for SEPTEMBER only… So they got that money out which I authorized… Then October 30th 2008 he called me and asked if I was going to have the money… I specifically told him NO but I would have the amount by the end of November to pay for two months and then I could be done paying! He said okay and that was the end of that… Then he called again later that day and said so… You are NOT authorizing this months payment and I said that is correct… Well yesterday I went to get a few dollars for gas to go to work from the atm and what do ya know I have negative 37.48 in my account so I went to the bank and got a bank statement… the 55 dollar check was sent through and I had insufficient funds so I guess the bank stopped payment and he tried to send it through 3 times after they stopped payments… I however could only get the return fee back onto my account because I hadn”t authorized it! So If you ever get a phone call from them run the other direction or ask for a different collection agency!

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