I seen an ad for a free bottle of weight loss/ testosterone pills. I am disabled and im on a fixed budget, so i called the number to make sure it wasnt a scam. vthey said they needed a credit card but only charge they would do would be shipping for the one free bottle.. the charge would be $4.95… I said yes.One month later when i went to get food for the month,my card was declined and i was unable to get food for the month.. When i checked my account,Fit Crew wiped out my account and withdrew $89.95.!!!I called Fit Crew USA and complained and they said when i called and ordered the free bottle, i entered into a verbal contract allowing them to take out the $89.95 from my account. I told them i am disabled with ptsd and never signed a contract.a cockey guy named louie said there wad nothing he could do.. he told me it was my fault for entering into a verbal allowing them to do it. I asked to speak to a manager and he flat out said .. NO. he said " no manager will help you."I had to go to a local church to get food for the month. and my ptsd has gotten worse as i feel that the company robbed me and took advantage of me and my disability. please can someone help me..?? please.?