I purchased some Calf Sleeves, the size was recommended to me by one of Fit2Run’s employees. Using them for only 2 minutes, my calf’s felt too tight and started to swell. I quickly had to take took the compression sleeve off, since I was given the wrong size and it was causing a large amount of distress .(I was only trying out one to make sure it was safe).I quickly went back to Fit2Run (two days later), and management refused to exchange the Calf Sleeves. The young, unexperienced manager by the name of Enrique, failed to understand, that the policy for returns clearly says “No socks “” can be exchanged. I purchased a calf sleeve…(no sock)The GM of the store

Mike W.

failed to be present on a busy weekend.(Now you know

why your store will fail.) I will now return the shoes I purchased along with another item

to never purchase or recommend this store or franchise to anybody.”