When I signed up for the gym I told them I was moving in 2 1/2 months. I already knew my moving date. I kept communication with management and my trainer about when my last day would be. I gave them a bill with my new address at the end of April which they requested and scheduled my personal training sessions within the specified time. Management told me everything is fine and I’m done with my payments. Then I got an email saying I have to pay another payment for personal training and gym membership, when I won’t even be using the gym anymore. So I called management and Abby & Josh said I don’t have to worry it is canceled and they will make sure everything is taken care of. My trainer then told me that my payment for the next month is still processing. Then I was told to cancel my credit card so the payment won’t go through, which was a hassle for me. Next, I got a phone call from their third party payment agency saying that I am being charged another p

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