This company will piggy back themselves onto another website (they call it partnering) and then steal your credit card number, charge it, and go on about their business. nI noticed there was a $40 charge on my card. Being unaware of what this was, I asked my bank for a detailed print out. The website came up. I had never heard of this website. I have been without a computer for several months now and found it very hard to believe that I would even visti a site like this. nI searched the internet and found their site. I contacted them via email: n”There was a charge on my credit card in the amount of $40.00 on February 10 from this website. I have never been to this website and definitely did not authorize any type of payment to be taken from my credit card. There is no phone number to contact anyone at this web site so I would appreciate it if a phone number was emailed back to me so I can call and have this situation rectified by crediting the $40 back to my credit card. I will not give my credit card number through email. I appreciate your quick response. —–“” nThey responded with:n—–Original Message—–nFrom: customerservicenSent: Wednesday

February 19

2003 8:15 PMnTo: —————–nSubject: RE: Charge on my Card nDear Customer

nI wanted to confirm that your membership to has been cancelled and refunded. The reason you were signed up with our site is because you may have received a Free Trial Membership to our site through another site that sells various types of products online. We have partnered with many online sites and you may have received our free membership as a value added service with your purchase. Im sorry you are leaving but I hope you had the opportunity to view all the great services has to offer such as customized online diet plans

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