They ripped me off by scamming me that I would received it withing ten business days if I paid rush order charges of $14.95. I am still waiting after three weeks. I paid through credit card because they claimed paying with a check would take two weeks to clear. nThey took the cost of the program plus shipping and handling charges PLUS the rush order charges: n $69.95 Programn 7.00 Shipping, handling and processing feesn 14.95 Rush order shipping n $91.90 Total charges nI called customer service about twenty times since July 7, 2005, out of twenty I talked to Virginia three times she put me on hold and disconnected me then put the phone off the hook. Three other times I talked to a James, Debbie and Brian. They too, put me on hold and told me I would be connected to a supervisor, and I was disconnected and the phone was re-routed to an answering machine, “please leave your name and number”” they never responded. nVirginia told me there was not a guarantee for rush order and repeatedly told me I should be getting it any day. I did not have to tell them who I was because I think they had a Caller ID. She told me I would have delivery confirmation

but could not give me the tracking number because it was the U.S. Postal Service. nI called the U.S. Postal Service and they confirmed that I needed the tracking number. I worked for the Postal Service for twenty years and now retired. I believed they are running the biggest scam in Alternative Health history. nCynthianGlendale

ArizonaU.S.A.” Farmingdale, New York U.S.A.