Five Star Homes is a deporable business, it used to be Garden Homes Realty and Star Homes in which David Garden runs who rips people off, steals your money and then evicts you, or rents a home that is going through foreclosure, lies about everything, his Realty Lisence has been suspended pending a hearing before the Indiana Real Estate Commission with 30 violations which the Indiana State Attorney Generals office filed in August 2012. No matter what Five Star Homes has to offer, get away, do not give him any information about yourself, he also goes by “Brenda Jones”” and lists rentals and rent to owns on Craigs List

nothing is worth doing any business with them. He will not repair your credit

but rather destroy it…..he will steal your personal information for his own personal use. Con Artist


theif and habitual liar!!!! If you have been a victim of this business or man