Complaint: I am investigating a fraud complaint against Fixsmith, or someone representing themself as an employee of Fixsmith. The duped a woman out of $250 and tried to get $2600 more from her. They also installed software and took over her computer after convincing her to let them have remote access. All of her email, banking, and other personal and financial records were comprimised as was anything she had cached. She even said they called her pretending to be an FBI agent. One of those harrassing calls happened while the deputy was in her house taking the report. He spoke with the fake agent who refused to identify himself. Luckily, the harrassment stopped. The victim had to disconnect her computer from the internet and power it down. Please do not allow anyone to have remote access to your computer, especially if they originate the communication. I doubt I can get her the $250 back or ever figure out exactly where these folks are really located. it seems like they may be somewhere in Asia. If anyone has any concrete information, please post a reply as that might help me with my investigation.

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