After being victim to an online employment scam just last week, I’m very leary about online interviews. Don’t you know I just got another email asking me to do an online interview (through Zoom) for this company called Flickerbox. I decided to research the company. I did apply for a job they had listed on LinkedIn. This is a very elaborate scam that has a complete company website, years of social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). On LinkedIn, there are 14 employees listed with all types of endorsements.The company website says they have 2 locations—San Francisco and Portland. I noticed the phone number was the same for both. I tried to call it. The phone rang 7 times. Then a man answered. "Flickerbox, this is Tom." Immediately, as I began to speak, he hung up. I called back and the exact same thing happened, 7 rings, tom, hangup.Then I searched the address on Google maps. Google gave me a listing of companies in the building, but no Flickerbox. I called two other companies in the building, neither of them heard of Flickerbox, and one gave me the number of the condo association. The head of the association confirmed that there was no such company in the building.Another tip off was that the Zoom meeting contact number was in San José, CA, which is the same location as the scam to which I fell victim last week.This scams is very elaborate and the scammers went great lengths to make the company look real. I’m so happy I did my due diligence. Again, I saved myself from an identity scam.