Complaint: Nikki Jackson of flip N Vintage is a Crook and ran off with our money and personal items she was to re finish for us. We orignaly contracted her dec 23 2017 to do kitchen and bathroom cabinets and gave her $ 9,000.00 she deposited in personal account, she assured us she was using the money to start purchasing material for the cabinets, beginning of the year we decided to give her a shot and remodeling and contracted her to do the full remodel of $ 60,000.00, she started demo on 1/9/2018 and before demo was complete she started screaming she needed the second $ 9,000.00 to purchase material and per her guys even though the demo Budget was roughly $ 1,500.00 We gave her the second check of $ 9,000.00on 1/12 /2018 she used to open her Business account, and never to our knowledge transferred our original 9K to the business account which we suspect she used it for he personal use. including paying for her divorce and remodeling her house with our money She promised on numerous of occasins to order tankless water heaters ad A/C which was never ordered, along with cabinets, tile or counter tops were never ordered but she was paid for it She contracted David Bravo with Gator Disaster Relief to do the plumbing, A/C and custom cabinets ( Google David Bravo with Bates Energy lawsuit , along Stan bates of Bates Energy yes the same people ) from 1/12 through 1/26 we were kept being promised things were ordered and we kept giving them draws since they would start different things but never finish them. The plumber for David Bravo busted out a hole in our slab at our grade beam and possibly damaged the beam and left it open for a week that eventually casued mold to form everywhere and upstairs we had to replace. We eventually gave her $ 39,000.00 Dolllars of a $ 63,000.00 remodel and evenually had to fire her to incomeptance and mis appropiation of the funds we provided to her for our remodel i can go on and on but it is not enough time or space to write everything she did wrong, just know that claim she is done with items that are not done to get more money, she sends people in to half a*s do things to get more money. she takes what ever profits she thinks she will make up front and hope she has the funds in the end to finish. the plumbing repair alone ti fix the mess she created is $ 7,400.00, plus another $ 2,500.00 for tankless heaters sheetrock tape and float and Trim is $ 10,000.00 , cabinets and counter tops are $ 18,000.00, flooring is $ 8,000.00 tile n showers and kitch backslash is $ 6,000.00 shower doors $ 4,000.00, A/C is $ 4,000.00, painting $ 6,000.00 we already paid her $ 40,000.00 and will be spending another $ 69,000.00 to get it finished here are youtube videos of how she left our house after receing almost $ 40,000.00 of a $ 63,000.00 the only thing she acytually did was demo and install tongue and groove sub floor. also on the video you see a room with new studs and no sheetrock, she did not build that room, we had a framer do that part

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