Flooring America in Huntsville Alabama is a total rip-off. The owner, Doc and Paula Leatherwood, who claim to be Christians, often run so called free financing offers that they pay for by jacking up the prices of the flooring and labor to pay for it. Do not fall for this trap. It is a pure marketing scheme that is designed to get you to think that you are getting a deal but you will wind up paying more. Mr. Leatherwood also inflates the labor charges to make more money on your sale. Example, he pays his labor $1.00 per square foot to install a product and charges you, the customer, $4.00 per square foot. The owner, Mr. Doc Leatherwood, attends trade conferences and braggs about how much he makes from labor. Then he pretends to be a Christian. If you do not believe me, get a quote per square foot for an installed floor material and after he gives the quote, ask for the cash and carry cost and see what the difference in price will be. He makes over 66 percent profit on every job that he provides labor to install.

650 Pratt AVE Huntsville, Alabama United States of America


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