Placed order on 4/24/15. Site shows “product in stock. ships in 24 hours.”” Received shipment notice 3 days later with usps tracking. Tracking shows only “”shipping label created”” for the next 3 days. Contact company by email. No response. Contact company again. No response. No phone # on web site anywhere to contact company

only email address. Huge red flag goes up. Finally receive an email 3 days later saying unusual volume of orders caused delay in shipping. Estimated delivery time of order 4-5 days. AND sorry for your trouble

here is a 20% discount code on your next order. What does that mean? Has the order shipped and is in transit? I send another email. NO response. I check my bank statement and notice that that even though my order confirmation shows $23.83 they have charged me $24.02. YES

small amount over. I would bet that they overcharge small amounts in the hopes that most will not catch it. Those small amounts add up for them. Sadly

had my order been shipped/delivered in a timely manner