Complaint: Filed with Consumer Protection on May 21, 2014 I moved to Florida April 1, 2014. Within a week, Florida Energy Water & Air contacted me about purchasing a water softening system for my home. I agreed to a meeting and their sales rep came on April 16, 2013. They promoted the system promising better tasting water, improved dishwasher performance, and other benefits. It was financed with Home Depot who does free water tests and then sends these folk out. From the first, I noticed my dishwasher was not cleaning the dishes, glasses were badly spotted and about a third of the plates had to be re-washed by hand before putting them away. I blamed the dishwasher so purchased a new one. After it’s installation I noticed there was little improvement. The water had always tasted odd to me, but I reckoned it was because I was used to northern water. In Feb 2014 the water became increasingly unpalatable. Finally in on April 9 I set up an appointment to have the system serviced. The service team arrived (5/7/2014), tested the water and said it was ‘hard’. They looked at the unit and said it was broken. I was given a quote of $133.25 for labor, $5.20 for the replacement part and $5.00 for it’s shipping and handling. This unit was barely more than a year old, with a life time warranty. I objected and contacted the company. u2018Paulu2019 claimed the repair team should not have tried to charge me for the parts but the $133.25 labor would have to be paid. I told them I paid $7600.00 for this unit, I expected it to last more an 12 1/2 months. I should not have to pay anything. In subsequent calls I was quoted 144.00 per hour for labor and when I said I wanted to disconnect and return the system, they quoted 144.95 for the first half hour and 144.95 for every hour after. I said fine I wanted it off my property, returned and my Home Depot account credited for the balance due. Their service man arrived and said he could disconnect it but could not take it back to the company because “I bought it””. On May 21 I called as spoke with Jason at Florida Energy. I told him the history and he said ‘they should have tried to charge me and they’d come fix it for free. But I would not allow a return because ‘I bought it’. I’ve contacted Home Depot to file a credit dispute

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Address: but it’s been longer than 12 months so they will not help. I have contacted H Depot customer care and they are ‘seeing what they can do’ but I have to let the company have a chance to fix it. They had a chance

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Phone: during the 4 previous phone calls. I have since learned only Florida Energy can do repairs because the parts are propriety and can only be purchase from Rainsoft by them. As a result they can gouge their customer for labor ($144/hour). Other company’s charge between $39-$60. Having been in Florida a while now I see how things are. I feel this company preyed on me when I first arrived. I was grossly over-charged for a system that does not live up to it’s promises and because of the propriety nature of its parts will continue to gouge consumers on maintenance and repair. Their service people have tried to pad the bill. And I suspect they timed the service visit to ensure it was more than 12 months after the installation. Also when they put the system in