This place is a thorn in my a**. I curse the day I found it. I have never received payments properly with them. Last month a payment was classified as “”Collection Receipt”” on 3/31/14. They didn’t send me the whole payment at one time (they been stopped doing that) I received part on 4/1/14 and the rest on 4/2/14. I’m supposed to receive 120.00 (by court order) every month, but I dont. This month (April) they sent me 3 small checks ( no where near 120.00) for this montha and next week is the last 4 days of April. I never received my full 60.00 for this month at all. I’m sick of this crap and I can’t take it anymore. This place needs to be shut down and never opened again, or better yet; ship all the employees over to Iraq and never let them come back. Something needs to be done with what these people are doing with our money. .

Read Scam Report against Florida State Disbursement Unit Review at –