Fraud web site, located in Italy, accepts orders for designer Italian lamps like Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Artemide, Kartell, Ingo Maurer and others with no intention of ordering nor shipping the merchandise.nThey are NOT authorized dealers for these companies and a currently being sued by several for illegal use of the trademark name and purporting to sell the brand, officially. nI, personally, ordered in excess of 1000 euros of Flos lamps from Sandra Maffezzoni, the evil owner of this web site, and delay tactics were used, over a period of months “Delay in manufacturing

delay in shipping

damage in shipping”” until the time period has passed where I can legally obtain a refund from my Visa card. nShe knows how to scam people. Don’t order from them!!! nPlease read other victim reports of this company and her other SHAM company web sites like non nGood luck and ORDER YOUR NEW LIGHTING FONLY FROM AUTHOR!ZED DEALERS- the company headquarters will be happy to direct you to dealers in your area. Thank you for reading this.”

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