I ordered a new baby arrangement for my niece on Tuesday after she gave birth to her first child. The flowerdeliveryexpress.com web site promised same day delivery, but after numerous calls and emails from me, the flowers finally arrived on Thursday – 2 days late and just before my niece and her baby were heading home from the hospital. It turned out that the information I was being given by flowerdeliveryexpress was totally false. They said that the flowers were delivered on Wednesday and that the delivery lady had spoken directly with my niece. The florist who eventually delivered the flowers (on Thursday) was a man, and he showed my niece the order form from the web site that had the wrong requested delivery date. Their customer service number is a charade. When you press “2”” for help with an order

it puts you into an on-hold loop for about 10 minutes and then tells you to email if you have a problem. I finally got through by punching “”0″”. The rep promised to research the problem and call me right back. She never called me back. The flowers eventually showed up

but not because of anything she did.Also

I found the web site by googling Marietta GA Florists

so I expected them to be near Marietta