Flowers direct sent 13 dead tulips to my mother in the place of 18 roses for valenties day. This was very upsetting as the tulips were beyond dead. It was offensive and unnecassar to send an old lady dead flowers on Valenties day. I tried to reach Flowers direct by there website but it was conviently down and not accepting emails and the customer service number directs you to a voice message and tells you to hold then send you to an obnoxious busy signal. I spent close to 50 bucks on these flowers and recieved something like a cruel joke on valenties day sent to my ageing and now very upset elderly mother. She took it a a cruel joke..and it was a cruel but not a joke. nEricnAtlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

3113 Woodcreek Drive Downers Grove, Illinois U.S.A.