I first started researching fares for Turkish Airlines a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I got a fare with flythere4less.com (subsidiary of ATI Flights International) for $893. With travel insurance this came to $929 per person. I booked two tickets on the the flight from Chicago to Istanbul, and entered my credit card information. I even got their confirmation via email that the fare was booked. Today, I called them to make sure the e-ticket was being processed. I was about to buy my Denver-Chicago flight segment with another airline to make the connection to my international flight. Luckily, I had some sort of premonition to call ATI before I hit the submit button. After a lot of side stepping, the representative said they could not honor the price that was advertised, purchased, and confirmed via email. They instead wanted to arrange another ticket to Turkey on another airline with a longer trip duration. To top it all, this flight was more expensive! This bait and switch should be unacceptable and illegal! Finally, they canceled my booking and refused to match the fare of the original booking. I believe there is some sort of problem occurring between their website and Turkish Airlines. They should be mandated to issue a ticket for the price promised once the credit card information is submitted. Fares change constantly, and taking 24 to 48 hours to get back to the customer is a cop out, since the fares are constantly changing. The customer is left with a higher fare with NO negative repercussion for the website. Hiding behind their ‘legalize’ is a cop out! They should stand behind their product, which in this case is their published fare. I don’t feel appreciated as a customer, and would warn others not to waste their time and energy with flythere4less.com (subsidiary of ATI Flights International).

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