1. On 4/24/06 we purchased a recliner and $706.87 was charged to my Visa account. n2. On 4/28/06 the company delivered the wrong recliner and the deliveryman was told that this was not the right recliner, Wrong color and was not a massage recliner as purchased. The delivery man left the recliner and said they would bring the right one. My first mistake was not insisting that he take the recliner with him. n3. We were told by our salesman that we would have to contact customer service (1-800-637-6744). They were closed for the weekend and my wife called them on 5/1//06. Immediately customer service started blaming my wife for the deliveryman not taking the chair back she handed me the phone and I found that “Customer Service”” was everything but offering service. We were told that a technician would have to verify that it was indeed the wrong chair even though the deliveryman had indicated it was in fact the wrong chair on the delivery invoice. n4. On 5/8/06 Technician visited our home and verified that it was the wrong chair. We called our Salesman and asked him to find out when customer service would pick up the recliner. n5. On 5/9 or 5/10 Customer Service contacted my wife4 and asked if we would still take the chair if they got it right. We told them We told them yes with one stipulation that if it was not the right chair this time they would take “”both”” chairs back.nMy second mistake! n6. On 5/14 delivery service arrived between before noon. I went to the truck and said I needed to see the chair before they brought it in. Sure enough

the wrong chair again! I told him that he needed to pick up the other chair

which he was reluctant to do

I then had him show on his delivery sheet that both chairs were returned and I made a copy for my records. n7. It took until May 25th for the returned chairs to be posted at customer service. n8. I talked with the manager of Foley’s and asked why I couldn’t get a return credit posted to my Visa account. He said only Customer Service could do that? It doesn’t make sense to me that Foley’s can charge my account but not return my money to Visa? n9. June 8th our salesman called to say that they had posted the nthe refund. n10. On June 15th called our salesman and told him our visa account still had not received a credit to our account. He said he would check on it again. He called us back and said that it could take up to 14 business days before it is posted? Which is strange because I can return something to Target and it’s in my account the next day! n11. Waited until the end of the month before contacting our salesman again. He called back and said that it would have to turned over to audit and was given no time for resolution. n12. It is now July 12th and I am still out $706.87. I contacted Visa in May to start a disputed charge. But have held off thinking I would receive a return any day. Well today is the day I send a copy of this to Visa. nBobnFort Worth