Company called speaking spanish (south american accent) trying to sell cell phones and tablets … they claim to be getting my business phone from the Federal …. somehting …. come kind of agency created by their imagination. I did my research and found them in Peru, but over the phone the lady said she was in New York. They wanted me to get a money order or give them a credit card over the phone to pay $230 and change for a discounted price phone…. i said i was not going to send any $$ and then she went down to $60.00 via money order or credit card over the phone to reserve my equipment i asked for address?? they refused now to give me a physical address. she wanted to deliver the phone via COD, but they would only take cash or money orders COD…. Lady was really persistent and even gave me a fake facebook profile to make me feel more comfortable, she said look for : Fiorela Rosa Gil She said im the sexy girl on the picture, trying to seduce me to make me fall !!! LOL!!! I cant believe this!!! I terminated the call and she called me back immediately, i told her i knew it was a SCAM and she said she had located my name and facebook page… I did my research and was able to find the owner of this scam. Available upon request. I have name, address, cell phone (I even spoke to him) and asked him to please stop calls to my business place. stay away!!!! read the complaint below by the way the owner of this company (yes, i did the homework) is Jonathan Kou and his cell is 305-773-6408

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