Complaint: Thruway Market AKA Foodtown sells food which has expired expiration dates or the date of the sale purchase is the same as the expiration date. In other words this food market in upstate NY is selling food that has expired the same day as it has gone on sale. The day you buy it on sale is the last day that it can be sold. I have found out the hard way that this is the way they operate. Example Post serial on sale. Bought some and it tasted stale. Looking at the date it had expired that day that I bought it. It was a year old when it went on sale. I have noticed other food items are expired as well. Several times chicken was rancid when I opened the package. Lesson learned, try Shop-Rite. Indeed this is where Foodtown employees shop.If you are the one who is the buyer for this store I am putting you on notice. Don’t rip off the hard working people of your community. Our economy is busted, people are out of work and we have little money to waste. It is absolutely shameful and morally wrong. Why must we have write this to tell you?

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: Thruway Shopping Center Walden, New York United States of America