Catalog Offer and Online Offer Discount not honored


My Complaint: Received new catalog from Foot Smart (Late Summer 2015-H) advertising on the cover page a 15% discount and free shipping for orders over $59. I went on line to order 2 pairs of shoes – 1. $69.99 and 2. $85.99.- As instructed in the advertisement, I inserted the code provided in the “pink box” promo code on the back of the catalog. It did not take the 15% deduction. I called thinking it was a systems glitch but the sales clerk on the phone told me it was only for certain shoes, I need to read the fine print on page 2 of the catalog. I read the fine print to her under the 15% off – there is nothing about a limitation there. She still declined. This is clearly false advertising. It may not be a lot of money but a company should not be deceitful.


My Demand: Sell the shoes to me free free shipping and with the 15% as they advertise.