Construction contractor fraud and theft


My Complaint: This is only a brief statement of events that occurred: I was scammed by Jeff Fordley then found out later he has scammed several others in the area. He started the job with demolition (the only thing he did well), and he showed up each day to win my trust (but moved slowly?smoked a lot of cigarettes and wasted time). Then he found more and more things ?wrong? with my home. It?s all part of the scam. He knew my husband had just passed away and that I was very vulnerable. He kept calling me to different locations at different times to indicate new ?problems? he had found. He asked for more and more money for supplies, etc. to repair these additional problems. ? He would jump from one task to the other to make it seem like he was working; yet he never put in a full day?s work and constantly left the job site to buy ?materials? that I never saw. He is not skilled at carpentry at all and made a mess of my property. I caught him in many lies, which he tried to worm out of; before I knew it, it was too late. Fordley has judgments and liens against him. He?s filed bankruptcy. You?ll have to stand in line to collect your loss (and will probably never get it). He?s a liar and a thief and has changed his business name several times. There are several rip off complaints and reports on the Internet. Just Google his name: Jeff Fordley. Beware of this crook.


My Demand: Return my money and spend some time in jail