Take your money and lead you on


My Complaint: I gave Larry and Jim 220..00 cash to get help with Mortgage company, Larry called me like a debt collector until I was conned into buying their services. I have been told every lie imaginable from this company and with Jim the owner. Im taking these individual to court and Im going to stop this ongoing fraud as all the papers say don’t believe these scam companies about Mortgage help.

I was in the hospital with cancer I explained everything and they still stole the money with a smile on their
face. Now they tell me they have this ghost lawyer in NY and he is waiting for the AG of New York ( millions of
individuals ) to help him go after these large banks. Please contact me and I will put you on a class action law suit against these characters and all there employees. Its a joke when they tell you they are putting a audit together, just a BIG FRAUD and the local Sheriff needs to go out and put cuffs on them for internet fraud and mail fraud and on and on.

They take advantage of people who are down, these people are the lowest of the lowest.
Contact me I have been waiting a year and every time they call its another excuse. Let them tell there next excuse to a Judge.

Contact me back as soon as possible because Im filing immediately, I want these people shut down.
Work with your own mortgage company we need to put these shysters in jail.


My Demand: I want all my money back immediately because of fraud