Complaint: This manager is terrible!!! I can really throw up now when I need her”We love tenants”” sign on the website. She create every problem she can to bleed white your money. She charges 75 dollars for opening the door for you even though she leaves 10 mins away. She came once and didnt bring the key for second lock. She ended up failing opening the door for me and and she charged me 75 still. The most horrible thing is that she discriminate on people. We are not American. When we move in she was really rude to us first

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Address: but after she saw we have steady jobs she turns into sunshine all over. After a while we have to move out for some personal reasons. She asks us for 75% of the rest rent. We tell her that we will find her a subtenant for the rest of our lease. She refused and said that we have to find one who can sign another one year lease with her besides the rest of our lease which makes it a one year and half lease instead! We had no choices but to do that because we cant afford that high of fee (none of this is in the lease

Website: she refused and said that they dont do it. She said I can sign a lease with my bf

Phone: she just make up the fee all by herself and said that they dont do subtenant). We finally find several qualified tenants but she turned them all down by adding requirements time by time. When we argue that she adds requirements she would always say that she is dealing with a special case right now and she is doing us a favor!!!She makes everything up just by saying it!Come on!! We find you a new tenant for another one year lease!! What are you doing for us! One requirement she added was that one person cant have two cars