On Dec 19, 2011 My 9 year old daughter was excited to shop with Christmas money she had received from her grandfather. She wanted to go to Forever 21 and ended up buying 5 items with cash. About 10 minutes after the purchase she discovered one if the items wasn’t what she thought it was and went back in to return it. At this point we discovered Forever 21’s return policy was exchange or store credit only. They refuse to return your money under any circumstances. The cashier said “its company policy”” so I asked for the Manager who repeated the same thing not caring about taking care of her customers. I asked the manager for the District Managers name and number

after about 10 minutes she finally gave it to me. I called the District Manager


after a day of back and forth phone calls he said that they would not give back the money. It was only $10.56 but that is money my daughter can not use because the store didn’t have anything else she wanted and doesn’t have the money to take somewhere else.I have been in retail management for a long time and I would never treat a customer like this. I have never heard of a retailer that was so desperate to keep (steal) your money. Not only will my daughter no shop there again but I am sure that she will tell her friends and every kid at her school will soon know about Forever 21’s policies. In addition I intend to let as many people as I can know why they should avoid Forever 21. I am not alone in this. If you search the internet you will find a lot of sites with people complaining about this company ripping them off.”

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