On 3/4/08 I purchased a dress on line from Forever 21, Item no.2047703823. nSince the purchase date the dress has been washed according to garment instructions 3 times. nOn 1/3/09 While wearing the dress I noticed purple-blue stains on my collectable doll that I was holding. The stains are on the dolls head, arms,legs and feet. nIt wasn’t untill I took a shower that I realized that the stain on the doll came from the dress. Because the same stain was on my stomach, arms, and back. I was livid! It took a lot of time to get the stain off of me, and the stain would not come off the doll. The stain is embedded in the dolls vinyl. nI then remembered that I had taking a nap with the dress on, so I checked the sheets. the stain was on the fitted, top, and pillowcase. I was not happy. nI still don’t understand why the dye from the dress would bleed, since it had been washed 3 times. nI expect a check compensation for the damaged and defective items in the amout of $222.05.nThat was the letter I sent to forever 21 on 1/13/09 nThis was my response on 2/14/09nKaren Mattes, According to your letter the manufacture was going to establish the reimbursement amount. The settlement you have suggested is not acceptable. It would cost the full amount to replace all the items damaged by your defective product. If it wasn’t for your defective product, I would not have to replace the items. The doll is a collectors doll, it doesn’t decrease in value it actually increases.nHow did you come up with a deduction of 50%? I am the victim of your defective product. Why should I pay anything thards replacing my items. I will only settle for the replacement cost of all the items, per the reciepts I sent you. I have copys of all the information in case you need it again. I have one other question why don’t you refer to your Forever 21 product as being defective? nKaren Mattes, I need to add to the last letter I wrote you. Tell me how you think it is good business practice to expect a customer to in cure a loss of money, for you companies defective dress. Wear and Tear, give me a break. Only 100% refund is acceptable. The doll, again is a collector doll it only increses in value, I want only what I paid, not 70%off due to Wear and Tear, I’m 25 not a child who mistreats their dolls, but and adult who collects them. The sheet were put on my bed in Dec. of 2008. You can look at the paper work and see the quality of the sheets. Wear and Tear 70% off what was paid for them. Again why should I incure a loss for your defective products damage? I hope that this matter can be resolved without further action. nThey sent out a settlement with a gag order I was advised my leagal advisor not to sign it. nI called Karen mattes back and told her they would have 10 days to mail me my check or I’m going public. nForevertwentyone is a don’tneastpointe, MichiganU.S.A.

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