Complaint: Just went to Fornos of Spain on Ferry street in Newark NJ. Myself, my wife, my In-laws and my 5 week old baby girl. Called in advance to reserve for the 5 of us and explained I had a 5 week old baby. They said no problem and made the reservation. Got there with a basinet and was told I needed to put her in a stroller, no problem I had an infant stroller in the car and did that. As the hostess is taking us to our table to sit us down, the owner comes running towards me and says u201cwe donu2019t want IT in our restaurantu201d… First of all my child is not an u201cITu201d and after taking the reservation I feel this might be discrimination against a child!! We strongly urge anyone to reconsider visiting this place and please comment on this review if this has happened to you as well since Fornou2019s of Spain will be hearing from my Lawyer. I felt embarrassed being yelled at by the owner of this restaurant in-front of other customers and wasted my time and money going there…

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 47 Ferry Street Newark, New Jersey USA


Phone: 9735894767