This looks like the "reshipping scam" read about elsewhere. First of all, from even the first line of the email it "feels" foreign. I make typos and mistakes all the time, and yet I do have a knack (like many of us) of seeing something that non-native English speakers would write."I represent FOTE LLC. My name is Thomas Mathews. We really appreciate for your interest in new open vacancy "Quality Inspector". Let me provide a detailed description about available position. (I’ve also attached FAQ document, you may find there Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)."First of all, I never expressed an interest in a company like this. Second, you can see the grammar mistake. Third, they offer no identifiable reason to contact me. I am looking for employment, but they never identify from which site (and usually it stays within the website).Also they use European spellings throughout the email as well yet claim to be out of Florida.