Recently my sister lived with me in Virginia while looking for temporary employment she went to fox motors to buy a vehicle. Her initial down payment was $1000.00 and she was” approved ” got the car and payment books. Two weeks later after she called Musa to inform her of returning home to Florida where she got a better job in her career field she gave him her address and new phone number where she worked he said she needed to bring the car back because now the bank wouldn’t finance her. He threatened to throw my sister who is a single mother in jail for theft …and he did she was incarated in Florida for months waiting on extradition back to Virginia … Do yourself a favor skip these guys Musa is unethical your down payments does not go to the purchase price of your vehicle and interest but to bank fees and other charges these sub prime banks that deal with these crap road dealers use. I’m contacting dmv to shed light on this individual who has been passing off these cost associated with to unsuspected customers. Do yourself another favor ask for auto chek not a Carfax … Auto chek is what banks used to lend money in his frame damage cars that why there so many fees where your earned dollar doesn’t go to the principle of his crappy cars. Never ever buy a car from Musa or give him your credit card info he will try to bully you into a junk car or jail.. Don’t be like my sister…..shalom .

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