Complaint: Don’t waste your money working with this agency. I believe they have created their own positive reviews to try to trick potential customers. We needed help marketing our company, and were looking for help. After hearing these guy’s proposal about how they were going to drive new traffic and leads to our website, we were convinced Foxtail was answer. At the time, I didn’t know this was the beginning of a horrible relationship. Foxtail Marketing first made us sign an extended contract that cost us several thousands of dollars a month. They made all kinds of big promises about how much return we were going to see on our investment. However, I had a bad feeling things were off from the start. The first few weeks were set aside for something they called “onboading””. They said a bunch of mumbo jumbo about researching our competitors and creating a custom strategy. However

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Address: we didn’t so much as get a call from their team till the month was almost over. I was very frustrated with their lack of communication and amount of work

Website: 000. The amount and quality of their work was pathetic. Foxtail had created a few really low-quality blog posts. It seemed like I had to go back and rewrite 75% of the content. It almost seemed like there was a non-English writer creating the posts. They had also designed a few very unprofessional ads. Of course

Phone: but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. By the time we were in the 3rd month