I have been to this store a couple of times to exchange a product. A product that happens to have a “life time warranty””. nI save my receipts after purchase because of the fact that I use this product at work on a daily basis. After a while

it gets into bad shape from the wear and tear and eventually breaks. nThe first time I went into the store

I brought in two of the same product. I told the lady at the checkout that I wanted to exchange the products. I explained to her that I had purchased them there and that I had a receipt. nShe was not sure what to do and said she needed to ask one of the sales associates. Maybe he’d know what to do. Right….nWe went to him and explained everything. He then decided that he needed to find the manager for him to “”ok”” it. nI mean

come on! How many people have to get involved to make a simple exchange?! I discussed the situation with the manager and he reluctantly exchanged one of the two products for a new one because I only had one receipt. Fair enough. nYet the treatment that I received from this guy was awful. Not only was he rude

he was a total jackass. I started to feel like he was acting like a jerk because of the color of my skin. nThe way I see it