We were contacted in April 2016, and told if we paid $1295 to Fractional Properties that could then rent out our unused weeks in our timeshare at Summer Bay in Florida. They claimed we could get $2100 dollars for each of the 3 weeks were were selling.They claimed the process took from 60 to 90 days to complete. we have contacted them multiplel times only to be told they had a “function”” coming up and it would be rented shortly. we have spoken to a manager named “”Chris”” who promised us it would be handled. Now

in March 2017

nearly a year later

and still nothing!! We have called all of the contact numbers and get a mesage that stats it’s been disconnected. We have also contacted the Better Business Bureau in Georgia who haven’t been able to reach them either and reccommended seeking legal advice. We are Outraged!!”

3355 Lennox Road Suite 750 atlanta, Georgia USA