We live in Idaho. While visiting Las Vegas, my family chipped in $200 to buy me (a surprise purchase) an 8×10 Larry Fitzgerald photo autograph. The auto photo was purchasede at the beginning of April (2015) from Laura McLemore of Framing Sportds LV at the SwapMeet in Las Vegas. After I expressed concern that there was no authoritative certification with the auto, Laura offered to send the auto photo in to James Spence authenticators. She and we agreed that she would pay for half the COA charge, and we would pay the other half (she estimated $40-$50 total for the JSA authentication). We were told it would take only a few weeks or so, and as soon as they received it back, they would call us to settle up, then send it to us in Idaho. After not hearing back for a while, I began trying to contact them. Over the course of the next seven months (it is now November), they still have never initiated contact with me. I have sent numerous emails (starting in May) and left many phone messages, but never received a single phone call or email response from either Jeff or Laura. About mid September, I was finally able to reach Jeff, live and in person via phone call. After expressing my discontent with their service, their lack of consideration for their customers, and how unprofessional it is to leave their customers hanging as they have done to us, Jeff told me that he would have the auto photo back from JSA within two more weeks, and that he promised to call me within the two weeks. Needless to say, I still have not received any communication from them. I called and left a message earlier this week, and again today. They must be purposely avoiding us for some reason. At this point it is hard to believe that they are not crooks. I will NEVER do business with them again, and I am actually considering filing charges of theft against them.

Las Vegas, Nevada USA


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