My brother and I visited Frank Myers AutoMax in late May, as my fiance had totaled my car and I needed a ‘new’ used vehicle, hopefully under $5,000 as I’m on disability and can’t afford high payments. | We then ‘shopped’ around at other dealers, but decided to go with Frank Myers due to their low/no down payment offer & lifetime engine warranty. The saleslady, Jessica, was very nice and did her best to get us a vehicle with the low/no down payment; however, I wound up having to put down $350 (it might’ve been $300) which was far more than what we both expected. | It took at least 4 hours before we drive out of there with a car – a 2013 Hyundai Elantra that I did not actually pick for myself. They told us that they wanted us in a great car, and that it had just been traded in. | They hadn’t even cleaned the interior yet. My brother and I were quote hungry by this time, and he had something to do so we accepted the car even th

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