Everyone should BEWARE OF Scam Artist and Cheating Husband NICK LATTANZIO of Fresno, California and when he’s trying to run a scam in Arizona, he can usually be found in Scottsdale. ‘Big Nick’ as he likes to be called (he’s actually a short, frumpy, bald old man) is a serial predator who uses anyone he runs into, pretends that he is a big shot, and owes the world millions of dollars. nI met this con who spent 5 years in prison when he was supposedly renovating a development project in Phoenix. As it turned out, he stole over $100,000.00 from the homeowner association and was fired off the job. But before that, a few years back, he was convicted of stealing over $1,500,000.00 from some people who iike me bought into his iies. And ‘Big Nick’ Lattanzio did some serious time for that. But he was good – gotta tell you, at hiding his criminal activity. Once he make you his mark, he sucked you in. n’Big Nick Lattanzio’ ran a company called Latco. I found it odd that he did because he owed the US government over $1,000,000.00 in fines from his past conviction. But he was smart: he used his family members names to open the companies then he would run his scams. nThe guy took over $28,000.00 from me. He stayed in my home. He wrecked my car. And he said he was leaving his wife. nThen I found out he was running a bunch of scams and I through his sorry $%#$% out and called the cops on him. nIn all my life I never met a lower form of life that Nick Lattanzio. I would hear him lie about people on the phone, lie to his wife, lie to his children, lie to anyone. He had a wicked streak that was so ugly. And he had no conscience. If you ever run into ‘Big Nick’ aka Two Fingers Nick aka Nick Lattanzio aka Latco or a short old man who wears the same three shirts over and over stay away from him and all his lies. nHere are a few more reports: n sentencing.typepad.com/sentencing_law_and_policy/2004/11/emblakelyem_del.html

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