Complaint: Looking for a stylist, DO NOT go to Freddie J a.k.a. Freddie Vannessa Jones a.k.a. the lady from Dallas, TX that lost the Bronner Brothers Convention in the theatrical documentary Good Hair. In general I went to her for a trim and left with an actual hair cut. In detail I wanted change of hairstyle, so I started looking for beauticians to cut my hair. I ran into a bad one (besides Freddie) that razored my hair instead of cut it correctly. After asking multiple people I was referred to Freddie with the additional comment from the person of referral stating I heard shes snappy. First warning. I contacted her and asked if I could come in to see her work before scheduling an appointment and she quickly stated: I teach classes, I was on Good Hair and I have a website you can check out. Note to all in any situation in life He who speaks the loudest is the quietest in battle, anyone who feels they need to throw their accomplishments or things of the like is covering something up. I viewed the site and because of being tired of searching for a beautician, scheduled an appointment and went in. I understand beauticians are not magicians, but if I give you a good palate to work with make it great, not worse. I asked her to style my hair cute and out of my face. She instantly began complaining saying my cut was bad and suggested that she do curlswhat she basically did on the two previous clients before me. She insisted I get a shape up and I agreed, pleased not elated I, left the shop. A month later, which is present day I scheduled an appointment for a trim. Additional note, if the stylist starts guessing on what to charge you be mindful (for example you say how much for a,b and c and they say ummm, what did I charge you last time or uhh what was it you said you wanted), take the hint. I went in and while under the drier viewed another stylist in the shop, liked what I saw and asked Freddie can she do my hair like the other stylists client and she began with her excuses; your hair is cut different, its too thin, her hair is coarse and cut different etc. So I told her I wanted a trim, nothing to serious because I am not ready to go too short. Again she began with excuses stating I need more than a trim I need to get this cut and that cut. Again, I told her Im comfortable with my length and am not ready to go too short. I told her Ill do a trim this time and consider the additional cut later. She started cutting not trimming my hair, after she finished, I specifically asked her was it a trim or a cut, of course she said trim. Pleased not elated about my hair I left. After looking at my hair multiple times and asking the opinion of a friend I noticed my hair was shorter than intended. The following day I contacted Freddie and stated I wanted to discuss my hair and that I respect her as a beautician, however I feel my trim is more of a cut than an actual trim. She stated no it isnt and after listening to her background she stepped into a quieter area and became disrespectful. She continued saying she strives to please her customers and what did I want her to do, I went on to say that I was seeing if she had a solution for the situation and she began to get irate. I expressed that she is coming off that way and that that was not the goal of my call, she laughed and I told her that I was not trying to upset her, however I am disappointed with the fact my hair is shorter than what I intended. Freddie went on to say that she has the right to refuse me service and that I do not fit the type of customers who she usually deals with. I ended the conversation and told her that was fine and to enjoy her day. For her to become disrespectful alone is unprofessional and for her to make that comment was the ultimate disrespect.

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