Do yourself a favor and do not use this company! They are either incompetent or dishonest or both..either case, save your self the headache and don’t use them! This is what I experienced with Fred’s; Upon sale and service of a new Heating and AC system in July of 2014, Fred’s committed to take care of both the Xcel Energy Rebates as well as committing to get the Rheem Fall rebates to me, even though the work was done before the Rheem rebates were available. To paraphrase FRED’S, “ problem

Fred’s will get you the Rheem mfg rebates that will come in the fall for these units

we (Fred’s) will take care of

even though you are getting the work done now..these rebates are large

anywhere from $800-$1000+ on theses units.. go ahead and get the work done now