I was contacted by social media and by phone by someone claiming to represent mommysfreebies/freebie_mom_123 and was advised that I had won 3,000,000 dollars and was not a first notified of any fee.After a period of time I was told through a text message that in order to collect my prize I would need to open a bank acct. at PNC bank in North Carolina and deposit $150.00 to pay the fee and collect my winnings.I then proceeded to call the bank who then informed me that this sounded very much like a scam.I have researched the companies mentioned above and have discovered no prizes for more than $100 and my name wasn’t on any of the winner lists.I am being contacted repeatedly by text msg.of which the last one was today 3-10-2018 and was then told to use *** Bank or ***** ***** or I could put the money on a card. At this time I was informed to not speak of this with anyone.