I had a women come to my door in August of 2015 selling magazines. She had a very authentic looking array of hard plastic pages of different magazines. Like the other gentlemen stated, she too had preprinted recieipts with the name of FSI preprinted on them. | I purchased 2 different magazines from her for my grandchildren that live in another state for $74.00. I kept in touch with my daughter asking if the kids had received their magazines. The receipt stated that if delivery was not received within 120 days to contact Freedom Sales. | Finally, after 150 days I called the number on the receipt. Their was no answer but I did leave a message. I was surprised when a man called me back since I than read the negative reports on the company. I told him my story and gave him my receipt number, which was also preprinted. He didn’t seem to need any of that but kept on telling me that their are no refunds. He also stated that one of the magazines I chose they did not carry anymore. | He stated that he could give me a different magazine “free”. I said “free?”. This was not free, I already paid $74.00. I also stated that I did not want any magazines at this point because I did not want to have to call him again in another 120 days. He finally agreed to give me a refund. He asked for my name and my address. | I received the check a few days ago. But because of whole mess, I didn’t trust them so I took the check to their bank. First of all, to cash the check because I did not bank their, would have costed me $6.00. Also, the bank told me that the company did not have the funds to cash the check. | I than went to my bank and they told me I could deposit it, but even if I did not use the funds, if the check came back I would be charged $12.00. | Long story short, this company has ripped me off for $74.00, and my grandchildren did not get the magazines they were so looking forward too. | This will be the last time I purchase anything from anyone that comes to my door. It is just a sad day when you cannot trust anybody anymore.

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