Do not ever consider working for this company. Trust me! They are not registered with the BBB. And they are crooks! During training Mike Keretz is the biggest liar in the world. He will try and tell you that they have 60 reps across the country selling their solar powered attic fans. And on average reps earn 90,000 a year. Ill admit he is good a talking bs. In addition after 90 days with company you are promised and guaranteed to receive a 3,000$ sign on bonus and health insurance. When the 90 day comes around and youve been working 60 hours a week for them, then its oh we dont like your “attitude”” and you havent been producing enough lately. Those are the quote on quote words from the owner Ian Walker

also a complete liar. They say they custom build all of the products. BS! They are stupid to even do that. They guarantee homeowners to save 20% on their energy costs with their products. Also BS! Mike Keretz will encourage you to lie to customers about the tax credits they will receive. This company should be shut down immediately! In addition

Mike Keretz and Ian walker should be in prison somewhere. Not only to they completely lie to their reps. They take advantage of the american public. It is impossible to guarantee every homeowner to save 10-20% on the fan

simply by simple physics there are too many variables that arise to make such a guarantee. Im sure when customers call to tell them they did not save 10%

they just ignore them. Explaining why they are not registered with the BBB and they dont even have an actual corporate office. Its just a stupid automated message connected to Mike’s cell phone. Hopefully an attorney will do justice here and shut these piece of you know what down. Do not ever work for this bs company.”