I bought a necklace and bracelet on credit from Friedmans jewelers that was supposed to be 14k gold. I soon realized that the items were not 14k gold..they were gold electroplated. I have acidic skin so after a few weeks the items started turning colors (reddish tinge really). nI took the items back to friedmans and showed them the sales contract showing that they were advertised and sold as 14k gold. They did apologize and offered to give me a new one since mine turned colors but i didnt want it so they assured me that my account would be credited for the return. nNeedless to say..i just got my credit report and they charged of my account as still owing nearly $200 for the necklace and bracelet that was returned. I would recommend caution when buying anything advertised as a ‘special’ from them. nJRnHHI, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina U.S.A.

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