The homeowner was offered a air duct cleaning service. During the in-home service the homeowner received a call from the so-called company demanding a debit card number or credit card number. When the homeowner asked for an invoice that woman on the phone seemed annoyed.The man doing the air duct cleaning arrived in a nondescript pick up truck with no company logo. He did not present any I.D. or business card. He didn’t even have a screwdriver to remove the grill from the cool air intake. A few days later the homeowner received a hand-written envelope that included a typed invoice showing a balance of $1299. The homeowner send a check for the full amount to the address on the invoice envelope. A day later a woman (apartment manager) called to say that there was no such company at this apartment complex. Thankfully, she sent the check back to the homeowner. A stop payment at the homeowner’s bank had been done earlier that day.