Several years ago i purchased a very nice diamond pas,present, future ring from friedmans jewelry in maddisinville ky. From the first week we had problems starting from the diamonds two of them in fact being loose an d after getting that fixed one of the diamonds comming out. We took it bk to the store and they said they fixed it and jus a few weeks later one of the was loose again and one of the brackets was barely holding on. So again we took it to have it fixed and went to pick it up and the diamond looked very cloudy, and when we asked about it they said it would go away and after it did NOT go away i called them and told them i was bringing it back. They told me since i purchased it on store credit that they were not going to take it back and i told them it was faulty piece of jewelry and i wasnt going to pay for it!! After being on the phone several grouling different occasions with the being very reluctant to take the ring back i finally took it back to the stor where i purchased it and returned it in person. The woman at the counter said it would be on my credit that i never finished the paynments and it told her that 2700 dollars was too much to spend on this ring that just keep falling apart and they took it back finially!!! Later on about six years down the road i start getting calls from debt collectors saying i owe friedmans for a ring and i told the guy on the phone that i returned to ring and he said he would put in the computer that i desputed it. Well i was getting call 3 or 4 times a day telling me i owed this money and i would tell them no i dont i returned that ring years ago, and finially i quit answering my phone and low and behold almost seven years down the road i get a civil summoms delivered to my house by the cops saying they are taking me to court for the whole ammount of the ring i returned plus 8% interest for all those years till judgment and 12% thereafter till its paid… And to top it all off friedmans is out of business and they have sold this to a collections agency that dont even know anything about wat is really going on. If they win i will never get out of this debt and i dont even get the merchandice i wanted in the first place how can they get away with this????? Im going to try my best to make sure they dont get away with this but i dont kno what my options are???

maddisonville maddisonville, Kentucky United States of America

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