Fraudulent Medical claim


My Complaint: I went to see Dr. Frieman for a routine eye exam that was covered under my eyemed policy. He asked me for my Oxford Card just in case I ever needed a diagnosis. I told him that this is not a medical visit and told him that he is not authorized to give me a medical exam. I was only there for the exam covered by eyemed. He started giving me a medical exam and I stopped him stating that I needed to know what the charges would be before anything he was done. He refused to give me any information and told me that he needed to finish my exam. I refused the services from him. I told him that he is not authorized to submit a claim to my insurance company. He told me that he will submit a bill and that he will put me right into collections. He was very threatening. I left his office without any services rendered. He submitted a bill to Oxford with a diagnosis for services that he never performed. This claim is fraudulent and should be investigated. I was told that he was a eyemed provider and the reason I went to him was for the eyemed exam. It appears to me that he used a hair and switch method. He got me in their for the eyemed exam but is now submitting claim to my major medical provider for procedures he never did.


My Demand: stop fraudulent claim to my health insurance