Complaint: I worked at friendlys in North dartmouth, MA for 4 weeks in the month of March 2007. They had me on the schedule for Fri-5-1am and Sat. 9-6pm for the first three weeks. Which was fine. They didn’t have me watch any of the training videos even though I had no waitressing experience. I requested a break numerous times on saturdays but management consistantly failed to grant me a break. This was all three Sat’s, numerous requests, and no breaks. All I recieved was attitude and looks of annoyance. Before I went into my fourth week, I was so tired after my sat. shift and totally not with it, I forgot to check my schedule. Although for some reason I thought I had. Well needless to say the put me on an extra day during the week on a wednesday. I never showed up. The manager called my house once, but it was while I was at the grocery store and I didn’t recieve a message. I recieved no call all week and I came in as usual on Friday, I was informed about my no-call no show, but I was allowed to work that night. The shift manager told me that I was suspended for the following week and not to come in the next day. I recieved a call 3 days later from my boss and she fired me for the no-call no show, even after I explained to her my situation. Allison tiverton, Rhode IslandU.S.A.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 307 State Rd. North Dartmouth, Massachusetts U.S.A.