I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator 8 months ago. The refrigerator had developed 2 cracks on 2 different walls of the of the refrigerator. Instead of replacing the broken walls or replacing the unit, their service dept.’s. solution for the fix was to put tape over the cracks so they were less obvious. I objected to this half a*s repair, but decided to take a wait and see attitude. By the time the repair person came with his roll of white scotch tape he noticed that additional cracks developed in the freezer. Guess what their solution was for this fix?. “More scotch tape””. I complained to their customer service department on six different occasions

but it fell upon deaf ears. The tape loos terible. On each of the conversations I had with their customer service department

I asked them all the same questions. If they brought their car in for body work due to an automobile accident and the repair facility put tape over the damage parts instead of replacing them would that be acceptable to them. Guess what their answer was? They all said NO. So I asked them why would expect me to settle for the same type of fix.”

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