acts as a contractor, ( i think formerly achideck) but is being a project manager and justs finds subcontractors to come and do work then he rarely cks on anything– hired to do job and gets money and $ and then uses them on past projects-other debts- was to get a job done in 4-5 weeks and his sub came 3-4 days out of the first 3 weeks — then he did try to get another sub to complete another portion of the remodel- he would not ck on his work when done- then we were left to finish as we said I don’t think we should work with you anymore since it has now been 9 weeks. he is taking advantage of customers with dragging out work, doesn’t adhere to contract he does up- you have no repercussions He is very polished at what he does but has trouble paying subsl-scamming others not sure- he did not pull permit either as he said we didn’t need one- I don’t think that was true 9 news was alerted – they did not come follow up after first encounter with the first sub- i did send picturesAlso in addition-had to fire him from doing our new house project too because of all this- he did nothing for 12 weeks but say I will get to it and get the eng- drafting and such done but never could complete it = we are trying to take over and get what we paid for and paid to others for that job and we are out 2 to 3,000 dollars on that one and no house got started- his contract was crap- he seems like a great guy but he is really hurting good people by not really getting these jobs done and he’s good at working you and then being able to bale as if you don’t he’ll drag things on for another 5 mths. His contracts even say nlt and he can’t meet them– make sure you have alot of milestones for him to meet. he messed up our whole summer- and really wasn’t to empathectic about it. It was my fault for getting in with him but I don’t want him hurting a bunch of others as well