Frontier Pet Cargo is a online scam for transporting pets purchased from one location to another. In fact, I think this whole thing was a scam to begin with. The alleged breeder that I purchased a 11 week old puppy from used Frontier Pet Cargo to send the puppy to me from Virginia Beach, VA, to San Antonio Texas. WWithin about 20 minutes of receiving the email that the dog had been sent, I was then asked to pay $1,855.00 for a pet crate rental fee because the crate that the dog was sent in was too small. I was also told that I would be refunded for 95% of this amount upon delivery of the dog. I was lead to believe that I had no choice, and so I sent the money to the email address through Zelle.I was told I would receive the dog on Sunday afternoon. When no dog arrived, I reached out and was told by Jason (my alleged contact) that the flight had been delayed and the dog would arrive on Monday morning.Monday morning comes and goes and still no dog. I am then told that the dog needs another round of shots because he just turned 12 weeks and there was some sort of permit I had to pay for so that he could be brought into the state. I am told that I would be refunded this money and if I didn’t pay it, the dog would be sent to the pound and I would be reported to the authorities. I paid the money and never received a dog. I filed a report with the police, the FBI and am reporting the breeder and the pet cargo place to the and any other associations in order to warn consumers about this scam.