Complaint: My son went to get himself a burger and a shake, and he was also getting me a large shake. For years this establishment has offered a sack for shakes on drive through orders. Today, they didn’t. My kid should have asked for one but figured he could make it back two blocks without spilling. It didn’t work. So all I did was phone and ask about their sack policy. I didn’t even get into the details of the spilled shakes when this woman goes off on me!! Immediately this women gets obnoxious with me and says “Why don’t you ask? We can’t read your mind!”” How unprofessional! Especially after they have offered sacks in the past! That still wasn’t what broke the camels back. The burger was ordered without onions. Guess what the burger had on it? Onions! I drove two blocks to the ice cream place and went to the window. The woman who answered the phone got defensive once again and attempted to claim I was the rude one! I simply told them that because they didn’t offer a sack

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Address: several dollars were wasted on spilled shakes. (I never even ask for a refund and did not expect one. Just a simple explanation of their policy.) And since they didn’t get the burger right

Website: but I didn’t want to do any further business with these unprofessional people. They said they didn’t care and welcomed us going across the street to their competition. I am so glad they are so overwhelmed with business

Phone: they can have that back because several more dollars were wasted. At this point